Thinking about buying an all-terrain vehicle (ATV)? With so many makes and models and so many sizes, details, and features to choose from, the process can be as stressful as searching for a full-fledged car. From choosing the ATV you want to figuring out how to pay for it, such as with an ATV loan, here are some tips to ease you through the process.

Know the difference between utility quads and sports quads.

Utility quads are well-suited for just what they sound like, such as for use on a farm, to haul trailers, or to work on campgrounds. They aren’t built for recreational riding like their speedier counterparts, sports quads. Sports quads are lighter and faster but take longer to learn how to ride than utility. Both go off-road.

Dealing with sellers of new vs. used ATV models.

When buying an ATV, new or used, you’ll likely have a similar experience to buying a car if you go through a dealer. You’ll need to remain firm about what you need, what you want, and what your budget is to avoid overpaying. However, if you buy used from a private seller, you risk not getting your money back if anything is wrong with it. If you buy new, make sure you research not only the ATV but reputable dealers as well.

Consider the best way to finance your purchase.

New or used, an ATV is a big purchase. And just like when you purchase a car, you’re likely going to want to finance it in some way. Luckily, a personal ATV loan is a great fit for this type of purchase. You can work out the amount of money you need to finance, and pay the lump sum back in monthly installment payments over time. Instead of having to wait months or years to save up for the full amount without having the ATV to ride around, you can enjoy the fruits of your purchase while you pay it off. Contact one of our representatives to start the loan process today.

An ATV loan could be all you need to hit the road in style. Follow these tips, and make your ATV purchase today!


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