Searching for personal loans in Lafayette?

Personal loans in Lafayette, LA, are available at Advantage Financial Services. With an office on Curran Lane in Lafayette, we are your local, reliable source for personal loans ranging from $500 – $5,000. We realize that when medical expenses, car repair bills and home improvement costs come up, you don’t have weeks to find the … Continued

Heading back to school?

Back to school loans help meet the needs of families across Lafayette. Our fast cash loans are available in amounts that range from $500 – $5,000, so they are perfect for any school needs, no matter how large or small. Whether you’re starting graduate school or preparing for your children’s classroom needs, we hope you’ll … Continued

Fast cash is available to you!

As a small loan business headquartered in Louisiana, Advantage Financial Services provides fast cash in a number of Louisiana cities, one of which is Lafayette. As the fourth-largest city in the state, Advantage Financial Services has provided cash fast to hundreds of customers, some of which come back to us multiple times for financial assistance. … Continued

Low Credit? No problem.

Low credit scores can happen for many reasons: A series of late payments from years ago, a previous foreclosure or bankruptcy and an accumulation of debt on credit cards – these all can contribute to a below-average credit score. Even when you take steps to rebuild your credit, improving your credit score can take years … Continued

Loans for your special day

Your special day shouldn’t be a financial burden for you. When it comes time to purchase the flowers, dresses, catering and venue that make your wedding day unforgettable, you can trust Advantage Financial Services for all your cash needs. Our wedding loans are designed to meet you where you are in all your planning and … Continued

Need a short-term loan?

Advantage Financial Services is proud to offer short-term loans for residents across the state of Mississippi. Whether you live in a city the size of Jackson or a more rural area like Helena, you can always have access to cash loans. A short-term loan through Advantage Financial Services offers a variety of benefits including: Flexible … Continued

Collateral Loans are just a click away!

A collateral loan from Advantage Financial Services is a great way to secure the funding you need if you have a less-than-average credit score.  Also known as secured loans, collateral loans leverage your assets to help you get a better rate on a loan. Advantage Financial Services accepts a variety of collateral to secure your … Continued

Check out our online loans in Lafayette!

Whether you need a cash loan for your dream wedding or a loan to help finish those last semesters of school Advantage Financial Services can provide secure online loans to Lafayette, LA residents. There are several reasons why an online loan is convenient: ·   Apply from the comfort of your own home ·   Pay bills … Continued

We’ve got your small loans in Lafayette, LA!

Many national loan companies focus on providing large loans to consumers. At Advantage Financial Services, we are a local Lafayette, Louisiana, company who offers small loans to consumers like you. Our installment loans meet you where you are now. Whether you’re experiencing medical expenses, repair bills or simply need some extra cash until your next … Continued