Low credit scores can happen for many reasons: A series of late payments from years ago, a previous foreclosure or bankruptcy and an accumulation of debt on credit cards – these all can contribute to a below-average credit score. Even when you take steps to rebuild your credit, improving your credit score can take years of diligently paying bills, eliminating debt and making smart financial decisions.

At Advantage Financial Services, we understand that low credit scores are part of everyday life and that often times people who have lower credit scores are working to improve them. We also believe that a low credit score shouldn’t automatically disqualify you from obtaining a loan. With our online loan system, we can consider other factors including your current employment, collateral information and personal references.

Our 8-step loan application does more than just collect your banking information. It takes the time to assess your current financial situation from a 360-degree perspective. While it may take a few minutes longer to complete than other applications, it is guaranteed to provide us the most adequate information we need to provide you a cash loan even with a low credit score.

Don’t let a below-average score keep you from applying for the money you need. Contact us today with any questions you have and find out how you could have a loan in often 24 hours or less!


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