7 Reasons to Apply for an Installment Loan

1. Fast funding – Most of our installment loans are approved within 24 hours! Get the money you need today. 2. Manageable payments – Advantage Financial tailors your payment size to fit your needs and we’ll work with you to keep your payments on track. 3. Safe, secure & confidential – Our online loan application … Continued

3 Best Personal Apps for Managing Loans

Juggling a few different loans right now? Whether you’re making payments on a house, car, or the personal loan that helped you make a big purchase you needed, you may want help keeping all of those loan and payment details well managed. Here are three personal finance apps we’ve found to be helpful for managing … Continued

3 Ways a Personal Loan Is Just Like the Familiar Auto Loan

Thinking about taking out a personal loan? One hesitation may come from the fact that you don’t know much about personal loans and don’t have much experience with them. However, if you’ve ever taken out an auto loan, you actually likely know your way around a personal loan quite well. 1. Both loans enable you … Continued

What a Quick Loan Can Do for You Around Tax Season

Stressed about taxes? A quick loan can come in handy around tax season in a few different ways. Whether or not you receive a tax refund check or have to pay taxes this year, a quick personal loan can keep you financially afloat during and after tax season is over. Supplement Your Tax Refund Many … Continued

How Personal Loans for Debt Consolidation Beat Lucky Finances Any Day

St. Patrick’s Day is just around the corner, and you may be hoping for some good luck to boost your finances. But having good finances isn’t about luck—it’s about smart financial planning, especially if you are juggling debt. If you want to see more green this St. Patty’s Day, consider personal loans for debt consolidation. … Continued

Bill Consolidation in the New Year

The holiday party/gift-giving season may have drawn to a close, but the bills that often start coming in after these joyous times have just started. You may be feeling a bit overwhelmed. And if bill consolidation is a part of your New Year’s resolution, you’re not alone! “Manage Debt” has made it onto USA.gov’s list of … Continued

Why Choose Us When You Have Your Bank?

When many people need extra cash, the first thing they think of is going to the bank. After all, banks are a traditional lending source for many communities – why deviate from the norm? Well, what if we told you there was a faster way to get your cash? And what if that same way … Continued

Tips on selecting the best personal loan for you.

When it comes to obtaining the best personal loan for you or your family, what factors should you consider? Having been in the personal loan business for over twenty years, we have tips that can help make your personal loan application process a pleasant one: ·  Closely determine the loan amount you need. It can … Continued

Experience the Advantage Financial difference!

Sometimes cash lenders get a bad reputation. They’re known for being disrespectful or dishonest with consumers. At Advantage Financial Services, we’ve made it our mission to be trustworthy, respectable lending institution. If you’re searching for a cash lender in Louisiana, we hope you’ll consider some of the points that we consider the Advantage Financial difference: … Continued