Serving our customers is a top priority at Advantage Financial Services. Because we are local, we take pride in offering customized loan solutions for individuals and families. Providing short term loans is just one of the many ways we help meet the financial needs of the Lafayette community.

We realize that many people don’t need large cash loans, but instead need a smaller loan that can be paid back quickly. Others may choose to take out a more significant loan but pay it back quickly. Regardless of the scenario, the staff at Advantage Financial Services is happy to accommodate you on any short term loan needs.

With any of our installment loans, we’ll work with you to discuss payment plans and budgets, so you’ll know exactly how much money to pay and when it is due. We offer short term loans in a variety of forms including:

· Back to school loans
· Bill consolidation loans
· Emergency loans
· Holiday loans
· Personal loans
· Vacation loans
· Wedding loans

If a short term loan sounds like an ideal option for you, please contact us to learn more. Because we are local, we can take the time to discuss your exact needs in person or over the phone.


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