Football season is right around the corner, and no matter where your loyalties lie, one thing is certain: There’s no shortage of team spirit in the great states of Louisiana and Mississippi. If you’re as excited about the upcoming season as we are, take a moment to ensure you’re really prepared!

Stocking Your Man Cave

First things first—the most important piece of equipment you’ll need for hosting fantastic footballparties in your man cave is a big-screen TV. Regardless of what type or brand of TV you plan to purchase, screen size as it relates to room space is crucial in the selection process. Although it might be tempting to purchase the largest option available, if your room only allows you to be a few feet away from the screen, you may want to scale back. A quick online search will give you numerous recommendations for appropriate TV-size-to-viewing-distance ratios.

Other great investments include:

  • A grill
  • A mini refrigerator and/or coolers
  • Extra indoor seating
  • Extra outdoor seating
  • Serving  dishes

Game Day Fun

Once you’ve prepared your space for visitors, the only thing left to consider is food. If you’re hosting a large party and aren’t in the mood for standard hot dogs on the grill, consider setting up a “food bar.” This arrangement works well for all kinds cuisines—taco bars, nacho bars, chili bars, baked potato bars… The sky is the limit. Create a buffet with all the fixings, and allow guests to make their own meal just the way they like it.

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