St. Patrick’s Day is just around the corner, and you may be hoping for some good luck to boost your finances. But having good finances isn’t about luck—it’s about smart financial planning, especially if you are juggling debt. If you want to see more green this St. Patty’s Day, consider personal loans for debt consolidation. Read on to learn more about how this loan strategy can ease and improve your financial situation.

A Single, Simpler Payment

When taking out a loan for debt consolidation, you’re making it easier on yourself to manage your monthly bills. Normally you might have to pay a separate bill for each form of credit—each with its own payment methods and due dates to remember. Instead, you can consolidate those bills under one loan and one bill, eliminating the hassle of paying multiple bills each month. You won’t have to worry about forgetting one of your many bill payment dates or risk not having the right payment method ready in time. It’s not a stroke of luck to make your finances easier to handle. It’s about planning your bill management ahead of time.

Avoid High Interest Rates

Different credit cards and other forms of debt may all have different interest rates of varying amounts, and some may be higher than others. When you take out a loan for debt consolidation, you take away having to pay different interest rates for each bill and roll it all into a single interest rate on your one payment each month. You will still have to pay the interest rate on your personal loan, but that interest rate could be slightly or significantly lower than at least one of your credit payments, which will end up benefiting you with each passing bill.

Lower Monthly Payments

Are you feeling overwhelmed by juggling the minimum monthly payments on a number of different credit bills? Consolidating your debt into one personal loan can ease your stress by offering a single payment that may be much lower than all the rest of your payments combined. Having a single, lower monthly payment is not only more manageable, but it also allows you to have more discretionary spending money while you are still making payments on your debt.

Saves You Money

Even when it’s not St. Patrick’s Day, seeing green is always a good thing when it comes to your finances. And what better way to see more green than with the kind of smart financial planning that saves you money? With a personal loan for debt consolidation, that’s exactly the type of financial planning you’ll get. Whether you’re saving money by avoiding late charges, avoiding higher interest rates or making a lower monthly payment, you’re saving yourself money that can be put away or better spent elsewhere.

Controlling your finances takes more than luck. Consolidate your debts into one personal loan, and see how much more manageable your life and financial situation can be.


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