Apply today. Get cash tomorrow.

Same day loans may not seem like a big deal … until you need one. Unexpected medical bills. A broken household appliance. An urgent home repair. All of these situations create a need for additional cash that you may not have budgeted into any particular month. If you find yourself needing cash now, a same … Continued

Seven Types of Short Term Loans

Serving our customers is a top priority at Advantage Financial Services. Because we are local, we take pride in offering customized loan solutions for individuals and families. Providing short term loans is just one of the many ways we help meet the financial needs of the Lafayette community. We realize that many people don’t need … Continued

Fast loans when you need them most.

Gone are the days where you have to wait weeks to receive a loan for that upcoming home improvement project, new business deal or unexpected set of bills. At Advantage Financial Services, we’re in the business of providing fast loans to customers in Lafayette and the surrounding communities. If an extra $500-$5,000 could help you … Continued

Looking for a small personal loan?

Many lending companies offer large personal loans that take months to pay back. At Advantage Financial Services, we are committed to providing the personal loan amounts that our customers need. What that means for you is the opportunity to take advantage of small personal loans if an additional $500 or $1000 is all you need … Continued

Secured Personal Loans for You

A secured personal loan is designed to provide individuals with a one-time disbursement of funds. At Advantage Financial Services, our secured personal loan can range from $500 – $5,000. These secured loans are backed by collateral of some kind, which we discuss with you up front and outline in our safe, online loan application. When … Continued

Consider these consumer loans

Advantage Financial Services is a Louisiana consumer loan company that provides fast cash when people need it most. A consumer loan is an amount of money loaned to an individual for personal purposes. They’re not to be confused with a business or commercial loan in which the money loaned is used indirectly for a different … Continued

What is a bridge loan?

Advantage Financial Services offers Louisiana bridge loans to families and individuals who need some extra cash to help them get by. A bridge loan is a type of short-term financing that is typically used in home mortgages. For instance, if you have sold your Louisiana home and purchased another, the down payment for the new … Continued

Criteria for a short term loan

Advantage Financial Services specializes in small consumer loans – typically those that range from $500 – $5,000. Because of their smaller amounts, these loans are often short-term and can be paid back in only a few months. Our short-term loans are ideal for any individual who needs some extra cash perhaps for a small car … Continued

Searching for small loans in Louisiana?

Finding small loans in Louisiana isn’t always an easy task. Sure, there are many companies who claim to offer small loans in Louisiana, but finding a business you can trust to loan you this money securely and fairly can be another issue. At Advantage Financial Services, we are proud to have offered small loans in … Continued

Searching for a Louisiana personal loan?

If you need a personal loan in Louisiana, Advantage Financial Services is the consumer finance company for you. Since 1991, we’ve been the trusted source for obtaining that much-needed, small personal loan in Louisiana. Customers utilize a personal loan from Advantage Financial Services for many reasons, which include: · Vacations · Minor home repairs · … Continued