Back to school season is almost here, and if you’ve started calculating how much you’ll need to spend this year, you know the costs can add up quickly. If you’re worrying about how you’re going to be able to afford the entire lump sum, think instead about taking out a personal loan with an installment plan so you can spread out the payments for all of your back to school needs over time. Here are four ways a personal loan can help you cover your back to school costs.


While sometimes you may be able to find discounted school uniform pieces at different stores, sometimes your child’s school may require specific shoes or uniforms with the school’s name or other symbols emblazoned on them. Depending on your child’s age, he or she may be continuously growing, so you know you’ll have to purchase new uniforms each year to keep up. Plus, every child you have will need several uniforms, so these costs add up quickly.

School Supplies

From pens and pencils to calculators and tablets, your child will need an array of school supplies. Even the ones that are more affordable, such as writing tools, paper, and notebooks, can start to get expensive depending on the amount you have to buy and how many children you have to buy them for. Other school supplies, such as high-quality backpacks or the high-tech calculators needed in high school and college, bear a higher price tag as well.


Depending on the age of your child, it may be time to buy him or her a computer for school work, particularly if he or she is going off to college. Whether you purchase a desktop, laptop, or convertible tablet, these devices can be pricey depending on the features you need.

School and Extracurricular Fees

Each year parents are hit with various school fees depending on the school itself and any extracurricular activities a child partakes in, such as sports or clubs. These fees can range from tens to hundreds of dollars each year.

No matter what your back to school expenses are this year, a personal loan can help you take care of everything without worrying about breaking the bank upfront. Contact us today with questions, or apply online today!


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