Mother’s Day is almost here, and wouldn’t you love to buy Mom the perfect gift? If you’re a little short on cash (particularly since it’s just after tax season), you can apply for a personal loan to help alleviate some of the financial stress while still being able to buy your mother the gift she deserves. Instead of having to drop one lump sum on a big present, you can spread out the purchase into installment payments that you pay back in smaller increments every month.

Here are a few different gift ideas for Mother’s Day that a personal loan could enable you to buy.

Spa Day
Who doesn’t love a relaxing, rejuvenating spa day? If you’d love to pamper your mom this Mother’s Day, why not splurge on a complete spa day? You can choose a single treatment, such as a massage or facial, or you could buy a package deal, which might include a range of services, from massages to manicures, which she can receive either all in one spa day or spread out over several different visits.

A personal loan can enable you to buy the exact services or packages you want, regardless of price, because you can pay off the loan in installments over time. Spa packages can be pricey, especially if you go with more than one service, so look into a personal loan to help cover the upfront costs.

Shopping Gift Cards
Whether your mother loves to go shopping for clothes, home decor or shopping for tech-savvy gadgets, you can surprise her with gift cards to all of her favorite stores so she can go on a shopping marathon. You could buy a gift card for a single store in one larger lump sum, or you might spread out the gift cards in varying increments among several different stores she likes to shop in. Even better, if they’re all in one location, such as a mall, she can go on a full-on shopping spree thanks to the convenience of your thoughtful gift.

Look into shops that sell clothing, jewelry, tech gadgets, home décor, or anything else your mother is interested in or has been talking about that she keeps meaning to buy. By using a personal loan to offset the initial costs with the option of monthly payments, you could help her finally have the money and motivation to go buy that new dress or smartphone she’s been eyeing for ages.

Favorite Restaurant(s)
Is your mom a foodie, or does she love a particular restaurant? Everyone loves a good meal, including mothers, who would enjoy taking a day off from cooking for the family. If you can’t think of one particular favorite restaurant she likes, consider buying gift cards to a few different restaurants so she can enjoy several meals out of the house on you.

Also, dig into her past, and try to think of a restaurant that might have significance or a memory tied to it. Did your dad propose to her at a restaurant? Did she celebrate a major life event at a particular restaurant? Regardless of which restaurant(s) you choose, a personal loan can help you finance one or several amazing meals and experiences your mother won’t soon forget.

These are just a few of the many Mother’s Day ideas out there—and surely you know your mom best! Don’t let finances get you down when it comes time to buying her a gift this year, as you always have the option of a personal loan to lessen the load. Contact us to learn more.


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