Father’s Day is just around the corner, and dear old dad deserves something special this year. Instead of the usual tie or other knickknack, why not spring for something a little bigger? If you’re worried about the cost, installment loans are available so you can pay for the entire purchase at the store and then pay off the loan amount each month to make it easier on your wallet from month to month. Here are three gift ideas for Father’s Day that you could get with an installment loan.

Tech Gadgets

Lots of dads love technology and gadgets, and if your dad is one of them, a piece of tech he’s had his eye on or that you think he would love could be the perfect gift. It could be a mobile device like the latest tablet or smartphone, a new computer, or even a cool gadget to use around the house. Think about a technology that could fulfill a need for your dad, and consider using an installment loan to pay for it.

Home Improvement
Many dads also love working around the house and taking on new projects, like re-landscaping the front yard or sanding and painting the kitchen cabinets. Sometimes these projects require tools and parts that can add up in price, but an installment loan could help you pay for the tools upfront and then pay back the loan in easier payments over time.

Auto Repair
Just as much as your dad might love fixing up the house, he may love fiddling with his car as well. If he likes restoring old cars or simply fixing or updating his current one, an installment loan could help you afford the parts and tools he needs without you having to break the bank upfront.

These are just a few ideas for dads on Father’s Day that could be more easily accessible with an installment loan. Make this Father’s Day special with any one of these or other big ticket items you think he’d be interested in this year. Interested in learning more about our loan rates and options? Please contact us!


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